Posts in Front-Lit Channel Letters
Heat Shabu Baru (Fair Oaks, Sacramento, CA)

Illuminated channel lettering, indoor signage, cabinet sign, and monument signage made for Heat Shabu Baru! Now open!

Located 2610 Fair Oaks Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95864

Patong Beach Thai Cuisine (Sacramento, CA)

Day and night black acrylic channel letters, banner, and monument reface for Patong Beach Thai Cuisine. Now open!

Located 8345 Folsom Boulevard #119 Sacramento, California 95826.

Organic Style Nails (Folsom, CA)

Illuminated contour lettering (Organic) for Organic Style Nails!

Located Prairie City Crossing 1870 Prairie City Rd #200, Folsom, CA 95630

Fiesta Auto Insurance Fiesta Auto Insurance & Tax Service (Alum Rock/East Foothills, San Jose, CA )

Illuminated channel letters for Fiesta Auto Insurance.

Located 461 S Capitol Ave Ste 18 San Jose, CA 95127 Alum Rock/East Foothills

Vivian Beauty 美容|美体|纹绣 Massage (South Sacramento, CA)

Individual contour channel lettering with 1/2” PVC Chinese subheading and banner for Vivian Beauty Massage. NOW OPEN!

Located 5555 Sky Parkway, Suite 223 Sacramento, CA 95823 (Previously Sky Spa)

Saigon Corner (Natomas, Sacramento, CA)

Illuminated individual channel lettering for Saigon Corner. Coming soon!

Located 1589 W El Camino Ave Ste 101 Sacramento, CA 95833 Natomas (Previously Chutney)

Fiesta Auto Insurance & Tax Service (Downtown San Jose, CA)

Illuminated channel letters, cabinet sign light box, window vinyl, business hours vinyl, and monument reface for Fiesta Auto Insurance & Tax Service. NOW OPEN!

Located 1152 E Julian St Ste 130 San Jose, CA 95116 Downtown

Camino Music Studio (Sacramento, CA)

Custom halo-lit channel letters with illuminated front-lit channel letter on aluminum panels, business hours, and banner made for Camino Music Studio. Coming soon!

Located 4381 Gateway Park Blvd. #560, Sacramento, CA 95834

Donuts Break (Sacramento, CA)

Monument panels and customized channel letters for Donuts Break.

Located 1555 Meadowview Rd #100 Sacramento, CA 95832

Shana Nicole Photography (Sacramento, CA)

Monument panels and customized channel letters for Shana Nicole Photography.

Located 4424 Freeport Boulevard Unit 4 Sacramento, California 95822

Derrick's Studio Photography (North Highlands, CA)

Red channel lettering on raceway and business hours vinyl for Derrick's Studio Photography.

Located 5700 Watt Ave #5732 North Highlands, CA 95660

I Love Teriyaki (Natomas Marketplace, Sacramento, CA)

Illuminated individual channel letters trimmed with white for I Love Teriyaki!

We also did the signage for their neighbors Share Tea & Ava Virtual Reality.

Located in Natomas Marketplace 3571 Truxel Rd, Sacramento, CA 95834

Goldstar Supermarket (South Sacramento, CA)

Illuminated acrylic channel lettering for Goldstar Supermarket.

Located 5815 Stockton Blvd B, Sacramento, CA 95824

Fiesta Auto Insurance & Tax Service (Arden, Sacramento, CA)

Illuminated channel letters, business hours, and window vinyl decals for Fiesta Auto Insurance!

Located 2216 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA 95825

Cielo Acai Cafe (Roseville, CA)

Individual illuminated channel letters, menu, monument panels, and business hours for Cielo Acai Cafe! NOW OPEN.

Located 1611 Lead Hill Blvd #160, Roseville, CA 95661 (Previously The Green Boheme

Salon HTT Nails & Spa (Fair Oaks, CA)

Illuminated individual acrylic lettering for Salon HTT Nails & Spa.

Located 5345 San Juan Ave, Fair Oaks, CA 95628

Got A Gig Music (Natomas Sacramento, CA)

Illuminated individual channel letters for Got A Gig Music.

Located 3661 N Freeway Blvd #100 Sacramento, CA 95834 Natomas

Milestonz Jewelers (Sacramento, CA)

Red illuminated channel letters for Milestonz Jewelers.

Located 6160 Florin Rd, Sacramento, CA 95823

Milestonz Jewelers (Natomas Marketplace Sacramento, CA)

Channel lettering and grand opening banner for Milestonz Jewelers.

Located Natomas Marketplace 3581 Truxel Rd, Sacramento, CA 95834

Milestonz Jewelers (Stockton, CA)

Milestonz Jewelers are now open in Stockton, Ca. Illuminated blue channel letters with small logo box. 💎Milestonz interior sign project: Custom cut alupanel letters and logo with stretched canvas prints for interior decor.

Located 4663 Pacific Ave Stockton, CA 95207